Holiday Healthy Eating Christmas eats 3: Chicken pasta salad

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Try something different.
Try something different.

Once upon a time, the Christmas dining table in my house was never complete without the ultimate Nigerian salad….boiled macaroni, chicken chunks, corned beef, egg slices, lots of baked beans, boiled Irish potatoes, thick juicy salad cream and vegetables which I always tossed to the side.

This year, I have decided to partially relive a childhood eating memory with this quick and delicious bowl of goodness.

Delicious bowl of goodness.
Delicious bowl of goodness.

(Nigerian Food Tv)

Fast forward to recent years with busy lives when Christmas day might be your only rest day, diet related health conditions and less money in the pocket.

All I see is plain coleslaw which by the way can be spiced up with apple or peach slices. *wink*

If like me, you are tired of coleslaw and cannot go all out with Nigerian salad or you just want to try something different, this recipe is for you!


Time: 20mins



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Written by The Foodlover.

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